Video for “Do We Do Love’s Bidding?”

I have created an accompanying video for my new single “Do We Do Love’s Bidding?”, using footage from the old German, silent film “Der Golem” (1920) – watch at Youtube: 

Do We Do Love’s Bidding?
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New single “Do We Do Love’s Bidding?” out last week

Last friday my new digital single “Do We Do Love’s Bidding? was released across all the usual streaming platforms ie. Spotify, Apple Music / iTunes etc, as well as on Bandcamp for streaming or download.

Do We Do Love’s Bidding? Cover photo by Dayghost.

As always use Bandcamp for any direct download purchases as it’s the only platform who seems to have the best interest of musicians at heart:

But Spotify and the like is of course also an option:

“Do We Do Love’s Bidding?” has been a stable of Tidebound live shows for long time, but in this homestudio-recorded version it gets a slightly more symphonic treatment to supplement the usual DIY-approach of fingerpicked guitar and speak-singing, where layers of synth-strings, treated electric guitar and backing vocals from collaborator Laura Noszczyk (Solyara, AEX) are added into the mix.

Music & lyrics: Dave Müller

Performed by Dave Müller & Laura Noszczyk

Mixed by Dave Müller

Mastered by Marcus Ferreira (No Master’s Voice)

Cover photo by Dayghost

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New single “Cradle” out now!

My new single “Cradle” is out now on all major platforms! Available for streaming and download on bandcamp via the player below:

“Cradle” was recorded at home during the past long and strange year, but has been played live as far back as 2018. It features longtime collaborator Laura Noszczyk on keyboards and backing vocals, and represents a somewhat more fleshed out and band-like sounding recording compared to earlier output. Something that is very much the result of hours alone in the home-studio during the long lockdown.

If you prefer spotify you can find it here:

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Spotify and Berlin shows next month

“Black River & Other Bodies of Water” is almost a year old, and I thought it was time to make it available on Spotify as well, and over the coming weeks it will be available on all the usual streaming and download music platforms.
If you use Spotify it would mean the world to me if you would take the time to follow Tidebound there, which you can do by clicking the button below.

Also, coming up next month is my first shows abroad, which of course is exciting, namely two shows in Berlin, listed below. Both are with my friend Simon, who plays as Own Road.

6/3 Ä bar, Neuköln, Berlin (Facebook event)
7/3 Madame Claude, Berlin (Facebook event)

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Show with The Great Park later this month

Happy to be joining The Great Park for a solo show later this month at the very intimate PETRÓL!


29/01/2019 at 19.00

40 kr

Facebook event here.

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“Black River and Other Bodies of Water” EP out now!

I’m extremely happy to annonce that “Black River and Other Bodies of Water” is out now, streaming on bandcamp, as a digital download and as 12″ vinyl! Get it here. A limited handmade CD-r version will follow later.

Again thanks to everyone involved with the making of this release: Laura, Josefine, Nils-Bro for singing and playing, Tanja for recording and mixing, Camilla for cover layout and William Schaff for cover artwork.

Hope you enjoy it and if you are in Copenhagen, don’t forget the release show tonight: Tidebound release concert

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DENDRONEPHTHYA – A somewhat circular covers project

A recent compilation from Dendron Records features my cover of Broken Birdies “Capital of Death” as well as a ambient dreamscape reqorking of my song “First Morning” by Dream Cam Era.

Listen to my contribution here:

“A Story
Burying the old seed: Around 4 years ago, three friends who had long shared the experience of writing, recording and distributing their own music decided to pool their efforts and create a Bandcamp page under the name of Dendron Records, Dendron being the Greek word for “tree,” and who doesn’t like trees? Nobody you would really want to know. Deep roots, thick skin, patience, letting the wind use their bodies as instruments – there is a lot we can learn from trees. Anyway, none of the three had the capital necessary to start a “real” record label, and they decided to make Dendron a place to to share and promote like-minded music, theirs and others, all with artistic focus, recognizable voices and little hope of commercial success.
Tilling the soil: Since that time, more than 15 artists from 4 different countries have issued more than 50 releases under the banner of Dendron Records, in a wide variety of formats.

A Tribute
Shaking the branches: In 2016, we decided to celebrate what we saw as a satisfying and impressively diverse back catalogue by letting contributing artists pay tribute to one another by each recording a cover of another artist on the label. To leave choice and discussion out of the matter, we ceremoniously pulled names from a fur hat, and let each participant pick a song or a track by the assigned artist to cover. ”

This resulted in the following tracklist and has been released on CD in a very nice digipack as well as digital download:
TAIGA TAIGA (covers DreamCamERA) – First Track
DreamCamERA (covers Tidebound) – First Morning
Tidebound (covers Broken Birdie) – Capital Of Death
Broken Birdie (covers Bird Seance) – The Road
Bird Seance (covers Mute Swimmer) – Different Name
Mute Swimmer (covers Moongazing Hare) – Wild Nothing
Moongazing Hare (covers Own Road) – Slow Keys
Own Road (covers Teamforest) – Leave The North, Head Southwards
Philip Bückle (covers TAIGA TAIGA) – Locvsts
TAIGA TAIGA (covers DreamCamERA) – Last Track

Mastered by Mads Bordinggaard Christensen at Mammut Mastering
Go to to listen or buy. If you are interested in the CD I also have a few copies available myself available here:

Shipping destination

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Mini spring tour completed

We recently went on a small three night tour of Odense, Svendborg and Aarhus, which was fun and went down very well. Here’s two videos from Odense:

Thanks Tommy, for the videos!

I made a small batch of CD-r’s for the tour and will put the remaining copies up on bandcamp soon.


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First 2017 gig

I will be playing at Støberiet on the 22nd of February, with She Owl, Gus Ring and Adora Eye. Facebook event here:

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Last shows of 2016

Two shows coming up later this month. The first is at Studenterhuset, with Lasse Krog Andersen, on thursday the 20th of October (facebook event:

The second, which is organized by the lovely Bragagild, will be a solo show with just accoustic guitar and voice, the day after, namely on friday the 21st of October. Also playing will be neo-folkers Dune Messiah and harp-player Niss Stricker. Poster below, facebook event here:


These two shows will be the last Tidebound shows of 2016.

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